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DCwise Insights - How to deal with being out of storage space constantly❓

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DCwise.eu shares in this post ideas on how you can improve your warehouse storage ➟

In this post we go through a step-wise approach for review of where the opportunities for improvement lie.

But before we do so when focusing on the problem of storage it’s key to understand the 4 elements that contribute to the proper usage of the available 3D space:

✔️ Inventory profile – what is being stored?

In this having try to map out what the current usage of the space is.

E.g. a velocity class distribution- and product profile-review can be of help. ✔️ Layout – what is your storage and processing layout?

In this its all about optimally assigning space between processes, storage & support. All 3 need to be balanced out towards each other. Especially when the available space becomes an issue. ✔️ Storage solution – what methods are used to store?

Rack types, floor storage and shelve storage are some of the common solutions used. ✔️ Slotting parameters – where to store what?

Slotting is defining the best fit location for your products based on their dimensions, velocity, etc.

Now that we have 4 building blocks these need to be integrated within the analysis.

The DCwise step-wise approach: 1️⃣ Facility Scan - "As Is" Operational review of storage and processing solution. In this the 4 elements are worked out in the right depth.

2️⃣ Data Analysis - Data analysis to define required storage capacity "To be".

The 4 elements are in this step used to determine the additional need (+/-).

3️⃣ Solution Engineering - Based on the quantitative analysis, business requirements, industry best-practices and out of the box thinking the best-fit solution is defined

4️⃣ Implementation - Create a Transformation plan and execute implementation Want to start the transformation of your warehouse operations? 👉 Let’s talk and get in touch through jan.baert@dcwise.eu or "Get in touch" #warehouse #warehouseoperations

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