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DCwise Insights - An interesting tool for training

Updated: Jan 25

In these complex times its not easy to keep up from a knowledge and skill perspective. At one hand so much is changing (for example the rapid development in information technologies) and at another hand the expectations being raised constantly. In this post we offer some ideas on how to approach this challenge.

Making things harder is that skills are more & more needed within a short time-spam; so often you don't have much time available to get the information absorbed.

There are several interesting platforms out there to boost your skills as per need. 🔰

One example is "LinkedIn Learning". Interesting is that these not only include the typical "PC Information Tools" (e.g. Excel, Power-point, ...). But also has many different programs (!) on "Information Systems" (SAP, etc), Business Knowledge (Logistics, Kanban, ...), up to even Social Skills & more.

Use of this tool makes it clear its a good kick-starter for absorbing the basics (the 20% terminology & theory you need). And especially for smaller enterprises &/individuals that want to work on their skill-set its a good tool. 👌

➕ is that you can learn at your own discretion; this towards time, depth, speed, etc. So when e.g. in need to quickly understand the basics of lets say "Salesforce"... you just search on this term, select the right course, and start the learning ...

▶ One interesting option is to integrate this training in new-comer or (re-)training endeavors. Allowing to boost quality, make the training more divers, and overall reduce the workload for the organization.

👉 Specifically LinkedIn Learning is available with all of the different non-basic (read paid) LinkedIn programs. A one month free trial is available what makes it ideal for just a short boost &/ validating before actually buying.

Feel free to share your experience with LinkedIn Learning &/ other tools towards improving our skills in a warehousing environment. 🤜🤛


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