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DCwise Insights – Lets go “Visual” – 4 Basic tips for warehousing

Updated: Jan 25

DCwise.eu shares in this post ideas on how you can move towards working more “visually” ➟

💡 When talking about something a lot more understanding can be reached when the discussion is supported by visualization!

Even more understanding can be reached by using real-world experiences which we are already familiar to eg. "how traffic works". Idea is now to use this concept to enhance your “communication” incl “guiding & steering” your operation due to the ease of absorption of the information.


1️⃣ Use visual "traffic" related elements in the field

▶ Mark the the borders of the different area’s with lines, install signs for what the area's are used for, add limits (eg. max 30 pallets), add arrows & lights, etc. All to “drive” the flow for safety & efficiency

2️⃣ Leverage Message boards

▶ Foresee Large screens (on PC/laptop) within start-up/coordination/"group" spots to allow for better communication within the team

3️⃣ Use Maps

▶ We live in a 3D world so make sure to make available your layouts in “discussion” area’s

4️⃣ Communicate with Pictures

▶ In all your communication – whether it’s about a system or process issue or something entirely else – as of the moment you are using messaging then make sure to leverage print-screens/video-captures to reinforce the completeness of your message

☞ Overall, when using "Visual" methods the quality & speed of the understanding & discussion will go up. In this a “logistical improvement” is reached 😊

⭐⭐ Note that all of these can be used not only for internal discussion, but also for new-comers such as trainees or customers, suppliers etc.

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