DCwise Insights - Why we need more "LEGO" in Warehousing!

Updated: Jun 23

DCwise.eu shares in this post ideas on how you can improve your solutions

This post wants to advocate the potential benefits of using the "LEGO" concept in warehousing while selecting the resources to be leveraged.

👉This concept applies to all elements of resource selection; whether it’s about racking, tables, carts or even the WMS or TMS, for all it can be a good idea to go for resources that are a combination of different changeable parts like "LEGO".

Most known example off-course are "rack uprights"; these are more and more based on a combination of pieces that are (temporary) bolted together instead of being fixed together permanently.

But this same concept is applicable across all the types of resources needed in warehousing. Less known example is for carts that can be adapted to fit the needs such as shown below.

✨ Benefits down the line of the "LEGO" approach are among others:

+ Easier performance of repairs.

+ Higher flexibility towards changed needs.

+ Access to/Easier customization towards optimization.

+ Higher resell value.

⚠ Down-sides might be among others:

- A higher initial cost

- Additional upfront time needed to put together the design.

💡But overall it’s a good idea to keep the option of "LEGO“ like resources in mind especially when working in a changing environment. One of the best examples in this respect is the equipment used in "packing stations". Like tables, stands, etc. A more flexible approach aligns with the constantly changing and challenging requirements posed to the process itself.

⭐ Now you should be (more) empowered to tackle your current and future challenges.

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