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⚠ One of the largest upcoming challenges within the world of warehousing is besides - those within digitalization, robotization, customizing, and so on - is the WAR ON TALENT. In this post we go into more depth towards this underestimated challenge.

👉 Essential in this story will be how companies will place themselves in the market.

1️⃣ Traditionally warehousing had the same "atmosphere" as a library, but instead of books goods are being distributed. Think down the line of dusty sometimes extreme silent locations ...

In this era of start-ups, scale-ups, and other flashy stuff this type of environment does not always bring much appetite with job-seekers or drives retention within the existing team ... And knowing that the "drive" for stability and "to stay with the same company for as long as possible" is reducing towards previous generations.

2️⃣ A second shift coming is that "warehousing" is becoming more and more an "engineering" environment. This through the known trends such as "digitalization", "robotization", etc driving even more the importance of the having the right team.

Today one can more and more speak about a "job-buyers" market; ie the candidate is getting relatively more and more power within the relationship. This opposed to previous times where it was more of "job-sellers" market where the power was with the recruiters. This will make that companies need to rethink and reposition themselves to make sure they keep right influx of new talent and have the right retention of their current staff. This not only content-wise but also from a marketing perspective.

A nice link that can be made here is not to talk about "enterprises" of "firms", but about "companies". Stressing more that its a co-creation opportunity... with a vital role towards how people are being brought together. In this post we build a case for making the logistical and especially warehousing more attractive.

Important will be to have a good look at how to respond.

👉 Nice examples are:

✔ Functional review of the needs of your team - nice examples comes from a 3PL that suggest to setup supporting operations at the entrance of industry zones". Think in this of "day-care centers", restaurants, bars, incl. the easy sandwich on the go, ...

✔ Having In-house a chiropractor for treatment and training on ergonomics

✔ Approaching architecture incl. the interior design no longer purely from the Functional side, but also go for look and feel.

✔ Setup relaxation spaces - similar to the "pinball room" approach of IT companies

✔ Create healthy environments incl. natural light

Free ride : just by looking at other sectors where this is already common.

👉 Notice that we are not looking for financial impact, but are aiming for improvement towards "job-content" or even better in"job-environment".

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Updated: Oct 18

With broad expertise in complex warehouse operations, DCwise supports your process engineering, storage engineering and systems queries. A specific project scope or based on a Facility Health Scan, we guide you through your warehouse transformation.


DCwise supplies warehouse consultants for projects towards:

- Business Engineering

- Project Management

Typically projects reside in one of the following area's:

Some example projects

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Updated: Oct 8

One of the main assets of DCwise is its Team-element. A couple of the benefits of the collaboration of this unique team are:

▶ Sharing of knowledge.

Especially in this era of rapid change; just look at the (r-)evolutions within IT, Robotics, etc. There is an enormous advantage to be gained from sharing knowledge.

▶ Sharing experience and insights.

Through sharing the issues and challenges our group of experts is typically able to deliver better solutions; or to plan the required transformation in a more smooth way.

But let us now introduce some of our team-members:

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