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Where do you start? And what do you take into account? Working out a warehouse layout requires a good methodology, the right data and market knowledge.


DCwise designs your warehouse starting from a blank sheet or an existing situation. We start from the requirements for your activities and work towards a safe environment which supports quality processes. Efficient warehouse flows must guarantee smooth warehouse operation.


Contact DCwise for the fastest way to an optimal warehouse design!


What's in it for me?
With DCwise you get the experience, methodology and market knowledge to arrive at a warehouse design tailored to your company. In short, a shortcut to an optimal layout.


DCwise Approach
We always start from the data and requirements relevant to your activities. We have the (simulation) tools to clearly communicate our ideas and add your experience. Different versions can be tested for safety, quality, efficiency and cost.


What's the result?
A warehouse design tailored to your needs, available space and resources. The design provides a clear picture of storage methods, warehouse flows and how operations are conducted safely.

DC Wise- Kleur-39.jpg

Let's Work Together

Contact us if you want to learn more about optimal warehouse design.

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