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DCwise Insights - The reason why Warehousing needs to work on it's "looks"!

Updated: Jun 23, 2021 shares this because it will have a large impact on logistics!

➟Robotic Process Automation allows to automate bureaucratic processes typically on the front-end even with multiple platforms involved


-When steps are needed upon receiving an order 📧 (validation, ERP entry & release)

-Doing system updates

-Performing in the field (scan & enter data in the WMS)

& Numerous Master Data opportunities!

☞Additionally, the quality & speed of the processes goes up. While the bots’ response can be immediate, don’t get sick, are flexible in volumes & don’t forget 😊

In turn the team can focus on exceptions & improvement👌

☞With this technology advancing the costs drop. A process that takes only an hour/week might already be a good candidate for getting ROI!

You can begin with a process list/flow-chart/a “macro record” of the process.

When training someone you should start to wonder if it may be better let the Robot do its specialty and train on monitoring & improvement.

Overall, this technology has 💥potential for qualitative overhead reduction & generates a foundation towards future steps.

⭐ Are you starting to dream of coming in & having the reports ready/tasks are executed before you realize it; then let us then get in touch!


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