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DCwise Insights - The reason why Warehousing needs to work on it's "looks"!

Updated: Jan 25, 2021 shares in this post ideas on how you can improve your processes ➟

From experience its noticeable that the “supporting” elements are very regularly overlooked within processes and unfortunately this drives process failures. Reference here is to all elements that assist in deploying the process; "accessories" & "cheat sheet's would be examples of this.

E.g. When setting up "scanning" the scanner & bar-codes are typically very much tested out. But the equipment that facilitates the usage such as holsters, pulleys, spare battery-packs, etc - all what makes the scanner usable outside of the testing rooms - are often "left out" while they where not needed within the testing room...

Important is to realize that these elements can make or break the process. Think down the lines of a "Far-west" scene... without a holster "Billy the Kid" would need to go look for his... same can be said about warehouse operations where small facilitating elements can have large impacts on the perforance.

There is also a huge push towards that a "single" solution/tool should be able to be used in many situations. Now this again will reinforce the need to think about the supporting elements. E.g an (RF) scanner should be able to be a "scanner, but also a computer, a camera, a phone, .... So suppliers are moving to these "multi-functionals", but you might be able to type on it, but when this becomes intensive then a keyboard accessory might need to be reviewed.

For your convenience we have compiled a starting list of elements that are often “forgotten”:

✅ Scanning => accessories such as holsters, spare battery-packs & "cheat-codes"

✅Equipment => labeling with the “names” / “numbers” think down the lines of Hardware e.g. printers, scanners or even forklifts

✅ Lifting or other manipulation devices => hooks, bands and other tools

✅ Process => training summaries &/ "cheat-sheets"

✅ Storage => capacity diagrams & purpose

Feel free to add more elements that you have had overlooked within change projects!

☞ So next time when implementing a new process or technology make sure to brainstorm all the needs of the different users & situations.

⭐⭐ Note that testing out a process "within" the action or by "simulating" the processing should help in detecting these loop-holes.

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