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DCwise Insights - The reason why Warehousing needs to work on it's "looks"!

Updated: Jun 23, 2021 shares this because the increase in 3D storage solutions allows to improve stock density & can have a major impact on your cost structure ➟

Traditionally warehouse storage is more a 2D concept where the depth is “underutilized.”

👉 Think of racks; traditionally only 1 pallet deep.

👉 Or Shelves where you would only go till arm’s length.

Yet there are solutions like “drive in racks” & other that allow to go in more depth, but often this is only desirable in specific scenario’s (e.g. of many pallets per sku)& not always usable (eg right pallet types)& at a certain cost (e.g. process impact)

New strides are made towards conquering the 3D:

👉 Goods-To-Person solutions (e.g. AutoStore)

👉 3D pallet storage solutions (e.g. STOW’s ATLAS where by adding elevators all 3D are available)

Nice example is also Where racking & shelving meet & new solutions become available 👌

✔ In these options all stock is accessible be it with some effort, but as this is part of the “system” it is less of a burden.

Yet, the cost is still there to be reduced. But with the # of installation increasing & technology advancing these options can become mainstream 👌

✔ Are you starting to dream of a DC that “hums”; then let’s get in touch!


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