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DCwise Insights - The reason why Warehousing needs to work on it's "looks"!

Updated: Jul 6, 2021 shares in this post ideas on how you can improve your solutions ➟

Leveraging the proper storage methods for your goods can drive a large benefit!

💡 But how do you first of all approach the selection of the "storage method"?

Goods placement in your warehouse is no different than how you manage your house. Fast-movers in the front, large objects on the floor, smaller objects on shelves or even drawers, ....

Towards the analysis you can bring in the picture elements such as:

- Dimensions of the goods on handling unit level

- Velocity or number of movements of the goods

- Put-away and or picking method incl. "hand-pick" vs "machine pick."

- etc.

Additionally, there are more specific elements that can drive this, such as hazardous, environment conditioning, etc.

💡 Vital for the proposed storage method is the combination of its storage density and its processing impact.

There is a clear relation between the "density"; ie how much stock you can place per m² or m³ and the "impact" on processing. In general, the denser the higher the time involved in placing and pulling your stock, i.e., put- away and picking. An easy link can be made with your "attic treasures" that require way more time to retrieve then your car parked "ready to go" on the driveway.

💡 Now it is possible with the right technology and often additional investment costs to mitigate the processing impact. Think in this down the lines of the drive-in racks, or even up to automated systems e.g., ASRS. Challenge is not only the cost involved but also that it needs to be fit your processes and requirements.

💡 But how to validate what should be stored where?

Mostly a logical structure is built; or so called "decision tree"; where through questions the goods find their proper storage method.

1️⃣ A typical start of this review is to see if the goods can be stored on the floor.

If so, question is how dense they can be placed in depth and height and what is the impact on the processing.

"Stack-ability" is one of the key terms here. Many goods are for example crated to enable stack-ability in storage and/transportation.

2️⃣ Next step from the floor storage; is to see if storage density / process improvement can be realized by moving towards racks or shelves.

💡Yet again many items are either boxed or palletized or even both to allow better storage and/or transportation.

For larger items (typically palletized) "rack storage" can be an option:on:

For smaller volumes items (often only some pieces or cartons are held in inventory) "shelve storage" can be an option.

Within racking and/shelve storage now exists the possibility to increase the density and/or improve the processing with the help of automation. What makes it interesting and at the same time challenging is that there is an extreme portfolio of different solutions all with their own characteristics.

Depending on your stock profile, business requirements incl volumes, and so on; a "picture" can be made which then can be used to validate if and which of the possible solutions would be good matches.

👉 Now, to go into more depth and see which options are possible one can either consult a logistics engineer or a good rack supplier.

To enable your transformation journey and understand better your potential feel free to get in touch 👉

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