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DCwise Insights - The reason why Warehousing needs to work on it's "looks"!

Updated: Jun 23, 2021 shares in this post ideas on how you can improve your solutions ➟

When running a logistical operation - due to its nature often a very complex environment - there is a major benefit to be received from leveraging the right warehouse equipment.

In this we highlight some of the equipment and its impacts on the performance of the warehouse processes.

💡 The "golden rule" is: "Essential is to align the device with the tasks it needs to do!"

A good comparison that you can always make is with the real world e.g. "shopping". Note that "picking" is not that different from shopping for groceries in a supermarket.

So when going along this comparison as in when moving around in the supermarket; sometimes you take along a standard cart, sometimes it might be a larger version when more volumes is to be picked up and sometimes you might not be taking along anything freeing up your hands to do the lifting yourselves.

💡 In essence one uses the device that matches the task.

Within warehousing this is not so different.

Now that we are aware of this let's have a look at the different types of equipment;

1️⃣ First of all there is the rolling &/or handling equipment. Theses allow to transport or better move goods and people from one place to another.

Typical tools include a.o.'s:

👉 Pallet-jacks:

👉 Fork-lifts:

👉 Reach-trucks:

Just to name some tools that are typically used to handle the standard of loads; being the "pallet'.

Apart from that there are of course tools that link up to more special loads. E.g. below where plastic drums are handled.

But this goes also in the direction of cranes, and so many other tools that allow to handle the goods within the processing.

2️⃣ A second type of equipment is the means used to store the material.

Think in this of following examples:

👉 Racks:

👉 Shelves:

And so on. In respect to this we refer to our Blog post on "the selection of proper Storage methods".

3️⃣ A third type of equipment is the hardware used to support the process administration. Nowadays most of these are IT hardware including scanners, tablets, pc's, wifi-access points and so on. But the traditional pen and paper on notepad are for sure still abundantly used in processes across the world.

And so on. In respect to this we refer to our Blog post on "the importance of Accessories".

💡 All this equipment is used together within a process.

Meaning that the combination of Rolling/handling equipment, storage equipment and hardware need to be in aligned with each other within the process.

Here its always very interesting to simulate the process. This can be done just through thinking through with the help of scenarios, or one can even go up to virtual (VR etc.) deployment of the proposed solutions to validate if they would work fine.

⭐ Now you should be (more) empowered to tackle your current and future challenges.

To enable your transformation journey and understand better your potential feel free to get in touch in 👉

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