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DCwise Insights - The reason why Warehousing needs to work on it's "looks"!

Updated: Jun 23, 2021 shares in this post ideas on how you can improve your solutions ➟

When running a logistical operation - due to its nature often a very complex environment - there is a major benefit to be received from setting up a control-tower.

Warehousing is no different than air traffic in respect to the many parties that are involved in the execution and thus need to be aligned.

In this post we give some guidelines & pointers on how a "Control-tower" helps to bring structure in the chaos.

💡 But what is actually meant with a "control tower"?

In essence you could say it is like a dashboard on your entire operation. It creates visibility a the right level.

Important is to take along all elements that are relevant; not only the specialized operational information from WMS or TMS but also for example the ERP information. While it aims at building the entire overview on the Supply Chain performance; even up to safety, progress on improvement and other inputs and especially budgets and costs allocated. Ideally its even combined with a live view on the operations like the control tower on airfields.

💡 And why do we recommend to install a "control tower"?

A typical operation is quite complex often there is too few data shared or the opposite os the case where due to too much data. Let alone that de data is turned into information that allows to take the right actions.

This makes that it is not easy to make the rights calls, also many times a lot of experience is needed to be able to decide upon actions, and potentially the actions are systematically too late or even wrong. In the end the consequence is that the operation is running at a too high cost, or too much time and money is spent on it, or the overall quality is way lower then requested. All of these will be a strain on the organization.

👉 Installation of a control-tower will drive the operational overview to a new "next" level. In this improving upon the issues mentioned above.

💡 But then how can we make such a "control-tower"?

This manageable with today's tools such as MS Power BI, while these are and visualizing data from different sources and turning it into understandable information.

We in this t our blog-post for more information in relation to building dashboards which can build out to a control-tower.

⭐ Now you should be (more) empowered to tackle your current and future challenges.

☞ Overall you will see that - when rolled out successfully - that this control tower really drives visibility and empowers 😊

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