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DCwise Insights - The reason why Warehousing needs to work on it's "looks"!

Updated: Jun 23, 2021 high-lights in this post one of its services ➟

As we are active in a constantly changing world one of the largest challenges is to adapt the operation to what is needed today and even more so to prepare and be ready for what is needed tomorrow.

The needed change or so called "transformation" in our warehousing world implies reviewing and potentially adopting challenging elements such as automation, digitization, new systems, and so much more... being quite large steps forward for many organizations.

👉 A common pitfall during transformation is that the different solution-elements are looked at separately. This while one of the first steps - to make it manageable - is splitting up the overall challenge in separate projects, each with its investments and own ROI.

Issue is that once split up the link between the elements starts to disappear.

E.g., When wanting to bring the processes to a new level, elements such as a better WMS, training of the team, better tools, and so on could be listed. Next step could be implementing the WMS as this is the one with the highest ROI. But then it appears the Return is not there as the people and resources are not able to leverage the better WMS.

👉 Another pitfall is that only the most "apparent" element is implemented and the framework where this element fits in is forgotten along the road.

E.g., Take in this for example scanning. When "scanning" is setup the operation strangely enough might not see yet the benefit or there could even be large issues popping up. Too often the supporting tools (holsters, battery charging on the device, etc.), and facilitating elements (cheat sheets, etc.) ... are not implemented, or lagging, ... meanwhile driving resistance. Once the other elements are implemented suddenly a large step forward is realized and additionally the shopfloor starts pointing at hanging fruit for improvement.

See for more information on this topic the DCwise blog post "How important Accessories are for warehousing".

💡 In this we advocate to always keep the link with the "bigger picture" or "vision". Often, it’s the combination of 2 or more elements that really drive the bigger steps forward.

Combining multi steps has the tendency to open the eyes or drive "additional insights". A third step might bring the actual performance increase... While on their own none of the elements have noticeable impact or kick-start the improvement trajectory.

💡 One of the keys to changing the operation is to set out a stepwise approach. In this one goes for a long-term vision implemented in consecutive steps.

- The speed or pace of change is to be aligned with what the operation can handle vs the need (or urgency) for change.

- Each step proves that it is works before going to the next one. Notice that it can be that is not perfect yet or the ROI is not there yet.

- The steps need to be placed in the right order and timing within a roadmap this towards what the operation can handle, available budget, how the solution relate, etc.

E.g., a low ROI solution first needs to be fully deployed in preparation of a high ROI one.

💡 Once the roadmap is available the next challenge is to keep a clear pace and communication during the implementation.

More interesting information can be found @ our blog.

👉 To further enable your transformation journey & understand better the potential of the platforms feel free to get in touch in or


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